Refarmed Symbiosis, funded by the Danish Business Authority (2015-16)

Project consultant: IGFF has together with the shopping center Fields Copenhagen and received funding under the Green Industrial Symbiosis scheme administrated by the Danish Business Authority, to examine the possibility of establishing an urban rooftop farm in relation to Fields rooftop area of 6.000 m2. It is planned to establish 1000 m2 of raised beds and a 400-m2 greenhouse. will utilize the residual biomass from the restaurants, cafes and various food outlets in Fields, and recycle it back to the urban farm re-selling food products to the food vendors of Fields as well locally. The organic residuals from the food vendors will be utilized in a composting plant producing topsoil for the urban farm production. The greenhouse production will be based on the IGFF aquaponics food system producing a large variety of greens and herbs together with fish for consumption.

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