BioCircular, funded by GUDP (2022-2024)

BioCircular project is a valorization of biowaste into circular production of bio-products and sustainable food system. The project is a three year project running from January 2022 to October 2024. Project members are Nordicflexhouse ApS (project owner, Oxyguard A/S, Bugging Denmark ApS, Alchemist (2-star Michelin restaurant 2020), University of Copenhagen Departement of Plant & Environment Sciences, ConSibio ApS and IGFF by Dr. Paul Rye Kledal funtioning as a consultant and advisor on data collection and production set-up for optimal effect impact. The sustainable food system will be a construction of an aquaponic system installed at the Alchemist producing products for the restaurant, while at the same time using food waste for insect production applied as protein feed for the fish.

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